The Domenico De Lucia Spa is the only company that in its sectors does not use for Italy the activity of agents: a choice made in 1998 and which, in fact reducing the distribution chain, has proved to be very successful.


The brilliant managerial skills of the executive, together with the active participation of the De Lucia family, are in fact a perfect combination of the most modern criteria of business management and the methods of family management that constitute the typicality, much appreciated in the world, of the Italian medium enterprise. All the commercial activity, thanks to the help of modern communication technologies, is centralized and, by choice, addressed to “big buyers”. This is the result of the three main strengths: drastic reduction of the order processing times, very competitive prices and high quality of the products.


Since 1929, Domenico De Lucia Spa has played a role of primary importance in the import and export of the most famous agricultural products typical of Campania.

Today it is engaged in four different sectors but, for some complementary aspects: dried fruit, pre-cooked of V gamma and dehydration, flexographic printing of packaging.


The rigorous application of HACCP standards and the supervision of the SGS certifying body (BRC certification), complete the production process that guarantees the traceability of the products offered and their constant qualitative verification.

As active part of the prestigious consortium Nucis Italia, representatative of International Nut and Dried Fruit Council Foundation, De Lucia supports scientific research projects about nutritional peculiarities of dried fruit, to promote its consumption.

Thanks to all this studies, was discovered that dried fruit, with its variety of flavours and colours, has an high unsaturated fatty acids content, friends of heart and health. Par example, a quick snack based on walnuts or pistachios is enough to reduce the rate of cholesterol in the body and to push away the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Also, dried fruit is particularly recommended to vegetarians and athletes because rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, essentials to find strenght and energy.